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A candy cane is easily one of the most common sweets you will come across during the Christmas holiday. The classic curved shape adorns Christmas trees, accompanies gifts, and is given out as a free treat just about anywhere you go. Mini candy canes are perhaps even more versatile, and the best part is we've got tubs and tubs of them! Buy in bulk from Candy Warehouse so that you have enough candy canes to place some in your Christmas candy dish at home, bring some to the office, and even use some throughout your Christmas decor. For the perfect stocking stuffer and a treat that will last the recipient a long time, look no further than a giant candy cane.

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In addition to an array of different sizes, our selection also includes a wide range of flavors, from traditional peppermint to chocolate, fruity, and even sour flavors. Each one is as enjoyable to eat as it is to look at! For those who are trying to cut back on sugar, we carry sugar free candy canes as well. Whether you are stockpiling candy for the holidays or searching for treats and decor for a Christmas in July party theme, we've got you covered. At Candy Warehouse, we have all the brands you are looking for to get your sweet festive snacking on. Get canes from brands like Bob's or Brach's for the traditional flavors. If you are looking for something a little different, try Archie McPhee's pickle flavored candy canes!