History of Chocolates

The history of chocolate began in southern Mexico and dates back to 450 BC. Utilized by Mayans and ancient Olmecs, the origination of this delightful dessert has a unique past. The thought of this creamy, rich, and sugary-sweet treat might make your taste buds water, but for the Mayans, chocolate was a valued but bitter-tasting beverage. Consumed during celebrations and available for the masses, the beverage was enjoyed with almost every meal. How chocolate is made today is much different. In the past, pods of cacao beans from native South American cacao trees were harvested and made into a drink. Today, cocoa beans are roasted, turned into cocoa butter, and molded with sugar to create a classic bar.

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Chocolate Fun Facts

You might think you love chocolate, but have you ever considered using chocolate as currency? That’s exactly what the Aztecs did! They believed that cacao seeds from the native South American cacao tree were a gift from the God of Wisdom. One Aztec ruler allegedly drank gallon after gallon to boost his energy. These seeds held so much value to them that they used it to buy food and goods. In their culture, cacao beans held more value than gold! While chocolate today doesn’t hold much monetary value, it is highly touted as a delightful delicacy for all to enjoy.