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    History of Chupa Chups

    Known for their yellow and red, daisy-shaped logo, the array of classic fruity and filled Chupa Chups lollipop flavors has been keeping sweets lovers smiling for over 60 years. Originally invented in 1958 by Enric Bernat, who worked for an apple jam factory, this treat was no accident. Bernat had noticed that the traditional bon-bon was too messy and sticky to make a hit with parents, so he put one on a wooden stick and placed them within children’s reach next to cash registers. The success of this new, sweet-on-a-stick epiphany grew Chupa Chups to become a world-renowned confectionery classic.

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    In the six decades since the creation of the original bon-bon on a stick, the Chupa Chups lollipops brand has expanded to become a mouthwatering line of sugary treats. From bubble-gum-filled, fruit-filled, and chocolate-filled pops, to Whistle Pops and mini and giant Chupa Chups lollipops, the sweet selections go on and on. Two of the more popular extensions of the line are Crazy Dips, packets of popping candy complete with a dipping lollipop, and the addition of the ice cream candy flavored pop. Since 2006, this memorable series of treats has been owned and produced by Perfetti Van Melle, the third-largest confectionery manufacturer in the world. Also made by this goodie-loving giant are the familiar AirHeads and Mentos brands as well as a sister brand of the lollipop legend – Big Babol – bubblegum marketed for its fruitiness and softness. If you’re looking to explore the many delicious avenues of flavors and sizes that this classic candy has to offer, you’re in the right place! Buy Chupa Chups at Candy Warehouse today to start the journey to taste them all!

    Chupa Chups Fun Facts

    The interesting history of this long-standing sweet treat gets even better. In 1969, the originally simple, square-shaped Chupa Chups logo received a facelift by none other than the famous surrealist artist, Salvador Dali. Dali designed the first version of the daisy-shaped logo filled with a yellow-orange color and red text. He also suggested placing the logo on the top of the pop, instead of on the side, to increase visibility and show the full design. Available in more than 150 countries, these lollipops and suckers have grown in reputation and demand. Explore our variety of Chupa Chups for flavor that lasts!