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Introduced in the 1880s as “chocolate smokes,” candy cigarettes and cigars have been a long-time favorite to many as well as a controversial treat for more than 100 years. First sold right alongside the real thing, these delightful delicacies were enjoyed by both adults and children alike. The classic cigarette candy features a chalk-like texture of sugary sweetness in the form of an all-white cylinder meant to resemble the smokes used by Mom and Dad. The controversy behind these sweets has dwindled, but the love for this classic treat remains the same. Shop your favorite nostalgic desserts, including 24-piece packs of sweet smokes, as well as bubble gum cigars to curb your sweet tooth. And, while we’re not entirely sure where the tradition of fathers passing out cigars to announce the birth of a baby came from, you’re sure to find plenty of blue or pink foil-wrapped chocolate cigars from Candy Warehouse to celebrate any sweet addition to the family.