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Haribo’s journey began back in 1920 when founder Hans Riegel became a partner in a famous German candy company. The company became known as Heinen & Riegel, but Hans later left to start his very own business. He invented the first gummy bear soon after that. When it comes to these tasty bears, the candy-loving masses turn to this brand for their expertise. Today, gummy bears are some of the most popular treats in the entire world.

We offer an extensive selection of Haribo sweets that will delight and surprise your taste buds. Our Haribo candy collection is stocked to the brim with the classic red, orange, yellow, clear, and green gummy bears, but we would be remiss without adding some other delicious treats offered by Haribo. We carry an entire collection of gummy peaches, sour cherries, strawberries, grapefruit, apples, and other fruits. Every five-pound order of gummy fruit salad contains approximately 65 pieces per pound. Satisfy your bubbling desire for a cold bottle of cola with the help of gummy cola bottles. These soft and sweet candies are bursting with real cola taste. Haribo candy in bulk is a wonderful choice for birthday parties, corporate events, or any special occasion worth celebrating. Make snack time more colorful by stocking up on all your favorite Haribo candy today.

Fun Fact: These delicious candies by Haribo are actually not called gummy bears by the creators. They’re called Gold-Bears, not for their color but for their golden taste. As it turns out, “gummibar” in German means “rubber bear,” so after 1967, they decided to change the name to something more “tasty.”