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History of Jelly Beans

Although the origin of jelly beans is a mystery, it’s no surprise that these little chews have taken the world by storm. Turkish delights have been thought to be the distant cousin of jelly beans, which would place their inspired design to the times of ancient Rome and are even mentioned in the Bible! With hard candy shells and soft centers, jelly beans can trace their commercial history in America back to the Civil War, when the founder of Schrafft’s asked customers to send his jelly beans to Union soldiers. Since then, these magical candy beans have become an Easter staple and continue to pop up during other holiday seasons or for special occasions. Candy Warehouse is the ultimate source for old fashioned treats and modern sweets at affordable prices, and our selection of bulk jelly beans online is no exception.

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These legume-shaped confections feature a gelatinous center and tasty hard sugar coating that are the perfect pop-able, penny-sized option for easy-breezy snacking. Known for their chewy texture and brightly colored outer shell, these itty-bitty desserts have been around for hundreds of years and offer up the endless flavor for all to enjoy. Shop Candy Warehouse for the latest and greatest jelly bean flavors, including fruit-inspired tangs, nostalgic black licorice, and even bursts of hot cinnamon that is even spicier than it is delicious. Find cult-like crowd favorites from the brands you know and love like Brach’s, who feature individually-wrapped fun packs and large bags alike. Looking for the perfect candy to get the party started? Jelly Belly blackand pink jelly beans are the perfect options for birthday parties, bachelorette parties, wedding showers, and more! And of course, don’t forget about the internet sensation that is BeanBoozled! This fun game has a mix of good- and bad-tasting treats. You can also substitute for a slightly healthier option by exploring our all-natural and organic bulk jelly beans online. Best of all, we offer jelly bean sampler platters in gift boxes, variety packs, themed packs, and kits so you can choose your own colors and flavors.

Jelly Bean Fun Facts

While candies made in a similar manner existed before the jelly bean, Boston confectioner William Schrafft made them popular during the Civil War. With their firm exterior, jelly beans were the first candies to be sold by the pound. Schrafft encouraged his customers to send them to Union soldiers. During the 1930s, jelly beans became closely associated with the Easter holiday but are now enjoyed year round. Jelly Beans were Ronald Reagan’s favorite treat.