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    Jolly Rancher

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    History of Jolly Ranchers

    Jolly Rancher candy is a taste sensation that transforms an ordinary moment into an exhilarating sweet and sour experience. These American favorites were the creation of Bill Harmsen, an entrepreneur from Golden Colorado who originally sold ice cream, candy, and chocolates in several Denver stores during the late 1940s. After realizing ice cream was a hard sell during the long brutal winters, Harmsen shifted gears and began producing hard candy, which was popular year-round. The signature “glass-like” appearance of his new confection, along with its intense fruity flavor, made Jolly Ranchers an instant favorite, and they quickly became a household name.

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    Jolly Rancher hard candy is now brought to you by the Hershey’s Company and has grown into other products like sugar free candies, fruit chews, gummies, and jelly beans, and in flavors of cherry, blue raspberry, grape, green apple, and watermelon. Because they are known and loved by so many, you can’t go wrong with a bowlful of these jeweled sweets at your next party or event. To rock your world with pure candy enjoyment, Candy Warehouse has the bulk hard candy, fruit chews, lollipops, gummies, jelly beans, candy canes, and popsicles you adore at low online prices!

    Jolly Rancher Fun Fact

    Jolly Rancher is one of the most popular suppliers of hard candies. The business was founded by Bill and Dorothy Harmsen way back in 1949 in Golden, Colorado and got its name because the founders wanted it to represent the spirit of the people in the area. For that reason, they chose the name Jolly Rancher as it conveyed the idea that they were a hospitable Western company. How fun!