Rock Candy

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Rock candy flavors are a splendid array of deliciousness that span the spectrum from luscious fruitiness to the simple sweetness of pure cane sugar. These crystalline creations date back to the 9th century when initial production methods depicted in ancient literature describe how crystals formed through cooling supersaturated sugar solutions. This sugar candy, as it came to be known, appears in either traditional brown or pure white forms, and is dissolved in tea, is a common ingredient in Chinese cooking, and in Mexico, is used during the Day of the Dead to make sugar skulls. All over the world, translucent and colorful rock candy sticks have been a popular confection for decades, giving both adults and children a treat that is as beautiful as it is flavorful. Bulk rock candy is a luminescent confection that’s so adored, it’s a perfect choice for birthday parties or baby showers, and an ideal addition to wedding receptions and other special events.

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When you want a treat that offers more to your guests, Candy Warehouse is where you’ll find a crystal palace-full of brilliant and color-specific hard rock candy crystals! We have trusted brands like Espeez and Dryden & Palmer, which come in large tubs for use as centerpiece décor, wet bar accompaniments, or themed get-togethers like gender reveal parties. Choose from an assortment of colors or purchase individual bulk-sized containers of Purple, Blue, Pink, Red, Pure White, or Black. Each stick has its own flavor, including Watermelon, Grape, Cotton Candy, Blue Raspberry, and more! Want something big on both taste and excitement? Our giant Squire Boone Village crystal sticks will really dazzle your party guests with five inches of jeweled candy fun! Buy these crystalline dreams in bulk and give your guests something purely brilliant!