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Have you ever wondered about the history of taffy? Believe it or not, this chewy and delicious treat may date back to the early 19th Century. Interestingly enough, the Brits call this particular type of candy toffee! Experts believe that the two words come from the same root and over time the term changed here and overseas. Surprisingly, there are no exact records on when taffy pulling first started here in America. However, most people believe that the beloved salt water taffy was first sold in the Midwest in the 1880s. Since then, the treat has grown in popularity greatly!

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Don’t let the name fool you! There’s really no difference between the regular treat and the salt-water variation. The later of the taffy flavors became popular after the flooding of Atlantic City and was merely a marketing tool! Each year, we show our appreciation for this treat on National Taffy Day, which is celebrated on May 23. Fun!